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  This is my personal web page - to share things about me and what I have found in life
that have made me happy and things I would like to share with others.

    Dogs, cats, horses and my husband Marvin (and not in that order) have been the source of my greatest pleasure and satisfaction in my life.   Over these last years I have combined my design skills and creative urges to start  Kelpie Graphics & Design, a web site design company, and  Of This Earth Jewelry, a jewelry design and production company.

My guy, Marvin

     Marvin and I have been married 19+ years -- and I can honestly say the years have all been good.   He is a wonderful person and has made me believe in the concept of one having a "soul-mate".   That he happens to be good looking is just icing on a very wonderful cake.   'Nuf said.

 More Family Stuff

   Everyone who loves dogs seem to love one breed above all others, and I am no different.  In 1987, while attending U.C. Davis School of Veterinary Medicine a fellow student introduced me to Kelpies, a breed of stock dog imported from Australia.  He had a litter of puppies from his female, Ruth, and oneJesse and her daughter, Punk little black and tan female puppy stole my heart.  Jesse was my first Kelpie and is now gone.  She lived a full 16 years and I miss her.  I have had several other wonderful Kelpies come and go, but Jesse remains my favorite.   We have a new addition to our family, Logan, a red and tan kelpie.  He is a great dog - intelligent, good natured and handsome.  For more news of Kelpies click on the link below --


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      No home is complete without a few cats, although Marvin would argue differently.  We currently have two inside cats, Pete and Jack.  Each is as individual as are all humans.  Pete tries our patience constantly, but is also the most amusing cat we've ever had.  Jack, or Just Jack (of "Will and Grace"), is a solid fifteen pounds, playful in a slow, lazy way and my definite "lap kitty".  I'm a firm believer in having at least two cats - no one can play with a cat like another cat!
     For more photos of my cat family click on the link below -

                            More Cat Stuff

A great pet food I have found - -
    One of the vet school classes I attended discussed how pet food is made and it isn't very nice; animals with cancer and other diseases, animals that have been euthanized with chemicals, and animal meat that hasn't been handled as potential food should be and has become rotted or rancid are included as a source of meat.  For the last year I have been feeding a healthy alternative -- for more information click here:

                            Flint River Ranch Pet Food


Buddy - click on to see more photos


Marvin and I are fortunate enough to live where we can have horses in our lives.  We currently have three Quarter Horses and a Paint gelding.  The older mare, Dewey, is a kind, wonderful sort of horse that everyone should own.  She is the mother of one of our four, our gelding Max.   The  second mare Tuesday is just pretty perfect - a correct, muscular athlete.   For our fourth horse we have a palomino paint gelding Cash.  He's a sweetheart and is definitely fun to ride.

               More Horse Stuff - or, go straight to Max's Page

    I have other things in my life I love.  I love gardening, something I share with Marvin, and we have a very beautiful perennial garden.  I love my profession, veterinary medicine, and am currently working at a small animal practice in the town we live in.  
     I have always had a creative side I have needed to feed.  I have a small company that creates and publishes web sites.   The first web site I designed was for one of my best friends who breeds and sells Morgan Horses.
     I design, create and sell jewelry, specializing in unique silver focal pieces and natural stones.

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