We believe that special friends
deserve special care.

  Our pets are an important part of our family, so we set our standards high!

     Everyone on our team is a pet lover, and it shows!  Our pets are our "kids."  We share our thoughts with them; they understand.  Some of them sleep with us.  We send photos of them to our families.  We celebrate their birthdays.  Even the largest, at 198#, is a lap dog!

     With you on our team,
          and with gentle words, capable hands, caring hearts . . .

               Hilltop Pet Clinic               Happy Tails Pet Lodge          Grooming at Happy Tails
               Puppy Kindergarten          Hilltop Canine College           Hilltop Pet Cemetery

          . . . we pledge to give your pets the best possible care!

      Together, we can make a difference . . .


  Communication and Prevention

          "The best Doctor in the world is a Veterinarian.
          He can't ask his patients what is the matter --
               he's got to just know."

Will Rogers

     Will Rogers was right!
     Annual wellness examinations will define baselines and detect diseases before symptoms appear, but we rely on you to tell  us what is happening with your pet  →

apathy     lumps     limping     not eating     excessive drinking      bad breath     licking     scratching     difficulty moving     not using the litter box     frequent vomiting or diarrhea     not coming when called . . .

     By sharing information and working together, we'll make a difference in your pet's life.

The most important ingredient
in your pet's prescription for a good life?

Complete & Accurate Information
     We hold your pets in our hearts, and sometimes their lives in our hands.

      For your peace of mind, we will recommend the same types of tests your Doctor gives you.  Pre-anesthetic and diagnostic tests provide crucial information as we evaluate you pet's treatment and allow for safer anesthesia.
     A medical plan will help you to select the best options for your pet and for you.

Emergency Care Every Hour, Every Day
     Just call either of our office numbers:  309-236-5912 or 800-689-5912.
     If we are closed, our answering service will answer your call by saying, "Hilltop Pet Clinic Answering Service." 
The Answering Service will ask you:
   ♦  What is the emergency?
   ♦  What kind of pet do you have?
   ♦  Your name?
   ♦  Your telephone number?
The Answering Service will then contact the Doctor on call.  We will be here when you need us.

"Thank you for getting us home safe!
All your kindness saved our trip home."
"You are all angels for all you do for us and all of our pets!"


  Veterinary Medicine .... acupuncture .... allergy testing and treatment .... Animal Assisted Therapy team .... arthritis .... behavioral counseling .... birds .... cardiology .... cats .... computer techs .... continuing education .... dentistry .... dermatology .... dogs .... Doctors of Veterinary Medicine .... emergency care .... gastroenterology .... groomers .... grooming ..... gynecology .... internal medicine  .... laser therapy .... licensed Veterinary Technicians .... lodging .... nephrology (kidneys) .... neurology .... nutrition .... obstetrics .... oncology .... ophthalmology .... orthopedics .... pain management .... parasite control .... pediatrics .... pet care assistants .... pocket pets .... podiatry .... pre-anesthetic and diagnostic testing .... radiology .... receptionists ... reptiles .... senior care .... surgery .... ultrasound .... urology .... vaccinations .... veterinary assistants .... Veterinary Information Network .... wellness ....

at Hilltop Pet Clinic.



Until one has loved an animal,
a part of one's soul remains unawakened.
                           Anatole France

Services = black; animals = red;  people = blue;  organizations = green

  Puppy Kindergarten

Our pets need a loving home, food and shelter, and veterinary care.
And Puppy Kindergarten!

In its first months, a puppy develops behavior patterns
which will be a part of his life - and yours - forever!

In Puppy Kindergarten, your pup will meet
other puppies, large and small, children and men and women.

While your puppy is learning manners,
you will have the opportunity to ask questions
and share hints on housebreaking, crate training,
biting, nutrition, veterinary care, obedience and more.

Puppy Kindergarten meets every Monday evening
at 6 pm at Hilltop Pet Clinic.

Bring your entire family for an hour of fun for you and your new puppy!

"Thank you for teaching me more about caring for my pets!"

For more information: <brochure>


  Hilltop Canine College

     Working with your dog on a regular basis establishes a bond of love and respect that will enrich both of your lives for a lifetime.

     Set your goals high!  Your best friend will meet your highest expectations.

     Obedience training, Canine Good Citizen testing, and basic agility at

Hilltop Canine College Training Center
at Happy Tails Pet Lodge - 6920 30th Avenue

For more information: <brochure>



"The single procedure having the greatest impact
on the length of a pet's life
is proper care of teeth and gums."

Yucky teeth  =  foul breath  +  bacteria
periodontal disease 
 infection in the heart, liver and kidneys.

Without proper dental care  →                                                   
regular dental examinations,
ultrasonic scaling and polishing,
and home care -
tooth brushing, proper diet and healthy treats,

80% of dogs and 70% of cats will show
signs of oral disease by the age of 3.

Oral disease is the #1 health problem
diagnosed in dogs and cats.

Proper oral care can extend the life of your pet by 25%!



If only our pets could be taught to brush their teeth . . .



     Acupuncture + thorough history taking, physical examination, diagnostic testing, ultrasound, radiography, surgery, medicine, and physical therapy and hydrotherapy = one of the safest forms of complementary medical therapy for pets.

Conditions which may be treated using acupuncture include

  • chronic pain

  • arthritis

  • seizures

  • lameness

  • wound healing

  • cancer treatment support

  • storm phobia


     How do pets react to acupuncture?  Most become very relaxed, even sleepy.  You'll find that sharing this quiet time with your pet is very relaxing for you, too!

For more information: <brochure>


  Pet Identification

"1 in 3 pets goes missing during its lifetime, and without proper ID, 90% never return home.  A microchip for dogs & cats gives the best protection with permanent ID that can never be removed or become impossible to read."

     Microchipping:  safe and effective →  HomeAgain reunites 10,000 pets with their owners each month.
     We inject the microchip, about the size of a grain of rice, beneath the surface of your pet's skin.  The process is similar to a routine shot - no anesthetic required.
     Lost pet?  Animal shelters and veterinary clinics will scan your pet and HomeAgain will contact you.


  Happy Tails Pet Lodge and Grooming at Happy Tails

"Thank you for the wonderful care
you have given to our
'dear hearts wrapped in fur."

Your special friends deserve a special place!

With spacious, secure and comfortable accommodations, lap times and tummy rubs, and Sunday morning pancakes, we'll do our best to make sure your pets enjoy their vacation as much as you enjoy yours!


For more information:   www.happytailspetlodge.com


Hilltop Pet Cemetery

Our pets have a way of teaching us about
loving and loyalty and joy.
And what we have shared in their presence
can never be lost.

     Hilltop Pet Cemetery - established in 1981 - because our own pets have been a very special part of our lives.
     You are invited to visit the Cemetery, in northwest Kearney at 6880 30th Avenue.

24-hour service at 308-236-5912.

For more information: <brochure>

"We appreciate everything you are doing to make
this a better world for humans and their fur-babies.
With licks, love and hugs...."

  Volunteering in Animal Assisted Activity:
  A great way to share time with your pet!

     Animal Assisted Therapy teams are needed at our hospitals, care facilities, and schools; the Library's Paws to Read program, parades, children's camp, and Kidz Explore.
     Where to begin?
          Puppy Kindergarten
          Hilltop Canine College
          AKC's Canine Good Citizen program
     Volunteering isn't just for dogs!  Cats just don't need as much training  :o)
     Our Hilltop Pet team volunteers some 700 hours each year through the Animal Assisted Therapy program at Good Samaritan Hospital.
     Last year our Team was recognized by Good Samaritan Hospital for its excellent service to the animal therapy program since 1977.
     3 of our own, Gordon and Yahu, miniature poodles, and Franklin, the Greatest Dane, have been honored as recipients of the Planetree Award at Good Samaritan Hospital for their contributions to patient-centered care.    
     Want to know more?    Contact Marla or Suz at 236-5912.

  For more information:  www.aaponline.org/training
                                            www.deltasociety.org  (Pet Partners Program) 


Our Animal Assisted Therapy Team
Sundance    Peanut    Franklin
Gordon    Annie





charter member,
Funny Bones Caring Clowns
Good Samaritan Hospital



  Our Consultants


Peanut                Brady
Fraser     Murphy     Yahu     Annie     Gordon               Pete
Fiona                                              Salty


Pete and Salty are our rescued Greyhounds, and our in-house blood donors.  Before joining our family, Pet and Salty were evaluated at Colorado State University and identified as "universal blood donors."  (Ask us about the world's fastest dachshund!)



Peanut and Jingle
a loving mixture of Persian and Abyssinian

  Locations and Hours

We'll be happy
to give you a tour
at any time, and to answer any questions
you might have!


4507 First Avenue Place
Kearney, Nebraska 68847
(308) 236-5912  or  (800) 689-5912


Monday - Saturday  7:30 - 6:00
Sunday 5:00 - 6:00

24 Hour Emergency Service


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       at Happy Tails

6920 30th Avenue
Kearney, Nebraska 68845
(308) 236-5912  or  (800) 689-5912


Monday - Friday  7:30 - 6:00
Saturday  7:30 - 12:00
Sunday  5:00 - 6:00





Therapy Dogs Inc.



Delta Society
Pet Partners Program







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