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    This page is pretty much just for me and to give my cats equal billing.  Some people who know me would say I'm a cat person, and that's pretty true.  I think in a lot of ways it's true because I always seem to be for the underdog, or "undercat" in this case.  It seems like everyone can like a dog or horse but it seems so many people just don't like cats.

Cowboy      I have had some really special cats.  Cowboy was a soft grey tabby cat I adopted before I had met Marvin.  Someone had thrown him in a dumpster.  This is a good example of how too many people treat cats.  But enough of that, I'll get down off my soapbox.  He was a wonderful companion and helped get me through some tough times in my life. 

P.A. - such a picture    Cowboy, Jesse (my dog) and I moved to Nebraska in 1993 and that's where we met Marvin.  After starting my life with Marvin, he and I brought home an adorable calico female Marvin named Piss Ant (or P.A., in polite company).  She was a bright and beautiful cat and gave me lots of solace when I lost Cowboy to diabetes when he was only nine years old.  Bob loves to climb


    Since I am a huge believer in having two cats, I kept my eye out for a housemate for P.A.   A small orange kitten with only half a tail was offered for adoption where I worked, so he became our second and Marvin promptly named him Bob in honor of his half tail.  P.A. on her couch


    I started to feel cursed when P.A. just seemed to be not quite right.  Lab work showed that she was in kidney failure, and that she was infected with the feline FIP virus.  I made some life-style changes for her (diet mostly) and she gained weight and did well for almost two more years, but finally succumbed to the virus in 2002.
Just Jack


    Again, after a waiting period, I began to look for a second cat, a housemate for Bob, and again an "unwanted" cat was dropped off at the clinic I worked at.  So, into our lives came Jack, a large muscular, healthy gray and white lover.  Unfortunately Bob, the orange tabby, seems to feel that Jack is here just to torment him, but then there are many times they run through the house playing.


As life goes - we lost Bob to an infiltrative bowel cancer in late 2004.   We really miss him.  Jack was doing fine, but started to put on weight as so many single-cat families do  --  so, the search was on.


In January of 2005 someone found a tiny orange oil-covered kitten in a factory parking lot.  He was just one pound and thin.  We had to wash him several times to get the oil and grease off - and he gradually began to put on weight and show his feisty personality.  In spite of his personality and obvious good looks - I could not find a home for him -- so Pete became our second house cat in early 2005.

He is fearless -
here he is sharing
a seat with our
 Kelpie, Logan.






A more current photos


    These are the cats in my life, and I love them.



Maynard and Jasper (a.k.a. Crack-baby)  

This was our most common view of Jasper

Our Baby-sitting Experience

We recently had the pleasure to baby-sit friend's cats while they were in the process of moving.  The kitten has made us wonder if cats can have HADD !

Jack gets in on a little of the action

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