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    As you can see from my pages, animals make up a big part of my life.  Right now we have only one dog, Logan, an Australian Kelpie.

     I learned of Kelpies while attending U.C. Davis School of Veterinary Medicine.  I met Bill Davis (pictured below with one of his dogs, Jet), a classmate, who was importing and breeding Bill Davis and his dog, JetKelpies.  He had a sweet and wonderful female, Ruthie, that had a litter of puppies.  I went with the intention of picking a red and tan male, but fell in love with a black and tan female.  I know I'm prejudiced, but Kelpies have been the best type of dog to be around.  They are extremely bright, fit and really want to please you withoutDora, Jesse and Belle playing frisbee being too clingy.  To me they are the best of the working dogs, tough enough to get the job done, but don't take hold unless it's needed.


Ruffian (US) Baby Jess
(in the center)     
Windrush Red Zinger
x De Haros Baby Ruth




     Jesse, my first Kelpie, we lost when she was sixteen to just old age.   For my husband Marvin she was the first "inside" dog in his life and she was the perfect dog to break him in.  She had great manners - I always felt she was an "old sole" in the way she handled people and life. I will forever miss her.

     My friend Bill came through for me again and now we have Logan in our lives.  Here's his first photo - -
    I know cuteness shouldn't be why you pick a dog - but how could anyone resist that face!  And the great thing is, I know the dogs Bill breeds are just great to be around, so I'm going to be twice blest.









  Logan and a litter mate, Santolina Star


Logan - taken fall 2008     

     Links to Kelpie sites to help you find one of your own:

     The Working Kelpie, North American Kelpie Registry, Inc.
            This is a good site, it lists breeder in the U.S.

     The Australian Kelpie                                                        
            This site will give you some good background information on the origin of the Kelpie.

     Santolina Kelpies  -  good source for US Kelpies         

     Opzijnbest - a site with international links for people involved in the Kelpie breed


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