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  The Cash Side --

     I have one sister, Susan, with whom I am very close.   We try to vacation together at least once a year and we almost always have a great time.   Susan has moved to Las Vegas in the last few years and may stay for a while.   She is married to Richard and they have two children, my nephew and niece Rick and Laura.   Laura is bartending in Miami and raising a very cute daughter and my grand-niece, Jaden.   Jaden was be three this October.  My mother, Eleanor is still living in the house I lived in as a teenager in Long Beach, California.  Hopefully she will be moving soon to be near one of us - and it looks like it will be Susan since Mom won't live in snow. 

Susan and RichardLaura and Jaden

  The Heckman Side --



This photo was from a few months ago -- a really lovely summer day.  I will often go with Marvin to check pastures.  He works for Gardels Angus - this photo was taken on one of the days he was checking to make sure the stock tanks were full and working properly.

Marvin Sr. hard at it








Marvin's immediate family all lives near Fort Collins, Colorado.  His mom and dad, Dorothy and Marvin Sr. live just a short distance from the old family home in a new modular home.  Marvin's brother John and Marvin Sr. farm land next door to each other and help each other throughout the seasons.  John and his wife Brenda live in the house John and Marvin Jr. grew up in, and are raising my two nieces there, Jessica and Cassandra.  Jessica is a beautiful teenager with lots of interests, and Cassandra just may grow up to help her dad farm.

Here's a photo from our May visit

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